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Anxiously Aging

Feeling vulnerable comes with getting older, but it doesn’t have to define this time of life Dwayne Dobschuetz calls it “the game-changer” — the broken hip, stroke, or loss of a driver’s license that suddenly damages a senior’s independence. The Northwestern Medicine geriatrics nurse, 75 years old himself, says catastrophic events are often behind dramatic […]Read More

Am I Shrinking?

Why we shrink as we age, and how to preserve height In our youth, our height gradually increases, reaching our maximum peak around age 20. Afterward, our body’s bone density reduces over time, and we may begin to shrink. Men’s height shrinks by about an inch between the ages of 30 to 70, while women’s […]Read More

It’s Your Choice: You Can Change Your Views of Aging and Improve Your Life

People’s beliefs about aging have a profound impact on their health, influencing everything from their memory and sensory perceptions to how well they walk, how fully they recover from disabling illness, and how long they live. When aging is seen as a negative experience (characterized by terms such as decrepit, incompetent, dependent, and senile), individuals […]Read More

Aging Alone

Solo agers must make plans for support Older adults are living longer and — more often — living alone in older age, creating a care-planning conundrum. About 26% of women and 19% of men between age 65 and 74 live alone, with those numbers significantly increasing for people over 75, according to 2018 census data. […]Read More

Passions Project: Stu Katz

Jazz pianist and vibraphonist Photographed at his winter apartment in Los Angeles Some of Chicagoan Stu Katz’s passions are quiet. He loves his family, his former career as a corporate attorney and complicated word puzzles. But there’s one passion you can’t miss: jazz. “I have been a working jazz musician for over 65 years. Thankfully, […]Read More

Passions Project: Jim Lew

Enthusiast Photographed at his home in Rogers Park, Chicago Chicagoan Jim Lew is a consummate storyteller, bursting with interesting stories from throughout his life. Indeed, everything Lew does seems to turn into his latest passion. His tales start with spending his childhood in his parents’ Chinese restaurant on Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas. He’s full […]Read More

Passions Project: Penny Brown

Art collector and philanthropist Photographed at her Gold Coast home, Chicago Walking into art collector and philanthropist Penny Brown’s home is like walking into an art gallery. Her collection is eclectic and vast, and Brown is an engaging tour guide, pointing out her personal connections to each piece or to each artist. For Brown, art […]Read More

Passions Project: Susan Trice

Dancer Photographed at Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, Chicago As a child growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Susan Trice wanted to dance. But, as the oldest of six kids with two working parents, pursuing that dream wasn’t possible. Trice never let up on her vision, though. And eight years ago, when she was […]Read More

Passions Project: Nick Scarpelli

Chicago Cubs fan Photographed at Central Baptist Village, Norridge Nick Scarpelli grew up on the North Side, cheering for the Chicago Cubs. He’s a lifelong, passionate fan who traces his love of baseball and the Cubs back to his father. Scarpelli fondly remembers how his dad would take him, his four brothers and his sister […]Read More