Passions Project: Susan Trice


Photographed at Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, Chicago

As a child growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Susan Trice wanted to dance. But, as the oldest of six kids with two working parents, pursuing that dream wasn’t possible.

Trice never let up on her vision, though. And eight years ago, when she was seeking an outlet for her creative energy, she found that means of expression through Deeply Rooted Dance Theater and the Mature H.O.T. Women dance group — HOT stands for health-conscious, optimistic and triumphant.

“[Dance has] healed me, comforted me,” she says. “It allows me to express myself. It helps me discover parts of myself that I didn’t know were there and to be  in a community of amazing women.”

When you meet people deeply connected to themselves and who are passionate about their life, they rarely have only one passion. Trice is a perfect example. She also swims several times a week and serves as president of her quilters guild.

Trice has a calming presence. Through dance, she exudes love, hope and compassion.

“Dance is something that allows you to express yourself without words.

It allows me to fully express myself and to be seen and validated in the work that I do,” she says. “At this time in my life, being able to dance, I get so much more from it. It’s almost a religious experience for me.”

Photos and Words by Heidi Wagner

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