Lifelong Learners: Bo Shi

Bo Shi

Bo Shi  

Degree: Master of Science in Clinical Investigation

School: Northwestern University

Graduated: September 2022

Bo Shi, PhD, is no stranger to academic institutions. While working at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine as a research faculty member, Shi also enrolled as a student. He has spent the past five years slowly but surely working toward his master’s degree, one or two courses at a time.

Already an accomplished researcher, Shi has published dozens of scientific papers and holds a doctorate from Shanghai Second Medical University in China. His research focuses on skin-relateddiseases, such as atopic dermatitis. In 2021 he was listed as the first author on a scholarly paper entitled “Targeting CD38-dependent NAD+ metabolism to mitigate multiple organ fibrosis” — not typical of someone who feels they need more education. 

So when Shi decided to go back to school, it wasn’t because he needed the degree for work. He simply felt driven to learn, and says he wanted a way to improve his English.

“I will not change jobs. But it’s good for me to learn biostatistics, how to write grants, how to design clinical trials, and how to review other scientists’ manuscripts,” Shi says. “These can apply to my current duty.”

As someone who clearly values learning, this new degree will also enhance his already rich educational history.

Above photo by Jim Vondruska
Originally published in the Winter/Spring 2023 print issue.

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