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Lifelong Learners: Czenzi Jones

Czenzi Jones   Degree: Bachelor of Science in Human  Development and Learning School: University of Illinois at Chicago Graduation: June 2023 For Czenzi Jones, graduation has gone from distant goal to impending reality. The mother of eight, grandmother of 27, and great-grandmother of six initially went straight into college after high school. But she had […]Read More

Lifelong Learners: Bo Shi

Bo Shi   Degree: Master of Science in Clinical Investigation School: Northwestern University Graduated: September 2022 Bo Shi, PhD, is no stranger to academic institutions. While working at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine as a research faculty member, Shi also enrolled as a student. He has spent the past five years slowly but surely working […]Read More

Lifelong Learners: Tamara Davis

Tamara Davis Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies School: Loyola University Anticipated Graduation: December 2022 After seven layoffs in 20 years, Tamara Davis wanted to pivot. She had been working for commercial and residential architecture firms, but the industry was volatile. “You hear college is hard, but having regrets is harder,” she says. Davis started […]Read More

Lifelong Learners: Edward McClory

Edward McClory   Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology concentration School: St. Xavier University Graduation: May 2022 The past few years have taught Edward McClory a lot — and not just because he was in school.  In 2016, McClory was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. The marine veteran found out two years later that he […]Read More

Lifelong Learners: Cheryl Boyle

Cheryl Boyle  Degree: Doctor of Education (EdD) School: Lewis University Anticipated Graduation: December 2023 Throughout her life, Cheryl Boyle’s work has always come back to education, despite not starting out in the field. As a nurse, she worked in many clinical settings butserved as a nurse educator, too. When she homeschooled her children, teaching became […]Read More

Lifelong Learners: Michelle Farley

Michelle Farley  Degree: Master of Arts with a Social Change concentration School: DePaul University Graduation: June 2024 A few blocks from Michelle Farley’s former Milwaukee home sits a giant, abandoned, public school. Carleton School shuttered in 2005. “Way too long this has been sitting like this — a lot of broken promises,” Farley says. “My […]Read More