For many of us, COVID-19 is still causing concerns about seeking medical care when we need it. Unfortunately, delaying care for serious issues could put your health at risk. Whether you need a routine checkup or are suddenly faced with a serious medical condition, NorthShore University HealthSystem is taking every step to ensure patient safety.

Get care online or on the phone, without leaving home

NorthShore offers telehealth and e-visits to provide care online or on the phone, without leaving home. You can schedule visits with your primary care team and talk with them via phone or video to discuss your health.

For ongoing health issues or sudden symptoms, you can use telehealth to consult with leading specialists across all fields—from heart care to orthopaedic and spine issues, cancer, and neurological challenges.

Committed to treating you safely in person

Some health issues are best treated in person. If your physician or specialist determines that seeing you in person is the best course of action, it’s good to know that NorthShore is practicing the latest COVID-19 safety protocols—in their hospitals, medical group and specialist offices, and immediate care centers.

All NorthShore facilities conduct COVID-19 screenings on employees and patients, and they require masks. Appointments and waiting areas are configured to maintain social distancing. And all NorthShore personnel are equipped with proper protective equipment.

Don’t delay the care you need

Taking care of your health is essential. Putting off treatment could put you at risk. NorthShore can help you get the care you need—online, on the phone or in person.


To learn more, call NorthShore University HealthSystem at (847) 570-5020 or visit today.