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Changing Mask Mandates

Older adults navigate pandemic restrictions, balancing safety with socialization When Illinois officials lifted pandemic mask mandates in February, Linda Balla, who is fully vaccinated, gave considerable thought as to whether to wear a mask. At 72, she is in a high-risk age group for complications from Covid-19. Ever since Covid-19 restrictions loosened — and now […]Read More

At Nursing Homes, Long Waits for Results Render Covid Tests ‘Useless’

More nursing homes are waiting longer for Covid-19 test results for residents and staffers, according to federal data, making the fight against record numbers of omicron cases even harder. The double whammy of slower turnaround times for lab-based PCR tests and a shortage of rapid antigen tests has strained facilities where quickly identifying infections is […]Read More

Another Virus to Worry About

Covid-19 gets the headlines, but RSV can cause problems for older adults, too Older adults have plenty to worry about with Covid-19. Even those who are fully vaccinated remain at some risk for severe symptoms. But now they can add another worrisome virus to their list: respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). A common virus, RSV is […]Read More

Scientists Investigate Covid-19 and Risk of Dementia

At the newly opened Covid-19 neurology clinic at Loyola Medicine, doctors treat people suffering from chronic fatigue, headaches, impaired sense of smell and or taste, memory loss, troubles with other mental skills, and brain fog. Some people report having trouble concentrating; others can’t sleep. The symptoms are just a few of the common neurological and cognitive issues that people […]Read More

When Pandemonium Strikes

Senior residential communities face pandemic’s tough lessons At this time last year, family members could pop in at any time to see their loved ones living in a senior residential community. They could relax, catch up, and enjoy a meal together. That feels like a distant world now — and at this point, nobody knows […]Read More