The Call of the Road

There’s nothing like travel. To experience new sounds and flavors, to watch the sun rise over a part of the world — or your own community — that you haven’t yet explored. But as we age, travel can become more difficult to manage. Maybe you need certain medications, you have mobility requirements, or require a live-in caregiver. Leaving your routine can feel like too much of an undertaking, even if a version of yourself would’ve enjoyed doing so. The good news: None of this means you can’t travel and experience life in a new location. The world is still your oyster — you just need some expert guidance on how to take advantage of the glittery pearl of vacation.  Whether you’re able to travel on your own to wherever you please, you need a caregiver to suitcase up with you, or you’re planning to head out and learn more about the community around you — travel fosters connection no matter how old you are or how you do it. Here, we connect you with inspiring people who continue to pursue travel to the full extent of their ability. You’ll learn new ways to make adventuring work for you, regardless of age, ability, caregiver needs, or finances.  So start dreaming. Wanderlust doesn’t slow down because you’ve gotten older. You just need to embark on the right path for you.
Originally published in the Summer/Fall 2023 print issue.
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