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TV Volume Wars

Tech tools can help with hearing loss, without pumping up the volume Louder is not always better. Certainly, that’s the case with TV volume. Many older adults with hearing loss turn up the TV volume to high levels, much to the chagrin of anyone else in the home. TV volume wars can be daunting, but […]Read More

Op-Ed: Senior Tech Meets the Challenges of an Aging Society

Caregiving is committed to publishing a diversity of opinions. The opinions expressed in this op-ed article are the author’s own. Americans are living longer today, with more than 54 million people age 65 and older. With a fast-aging population, how are we, as a society, helping to ensure that older adults have access to a high […]Read More

Tech Talk

5 tools to help older adults connect Along with the pandemic came social distancing, lockdowns, and a reshaping of how older adults view technology. Whatever their past misgivings about tech, many have now jumped on board. Some 44% of people 50 and older view tech more positively than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic, according […]Read More

Tech Support

Helping older adults master new devices In today’s techy world, it’s more important than ever to master new devices in order to stay in touch and access opportunities. But as anyone who has ever grappled with new technology will tell you: It’s not easy, no matter how old you are.  Thankfully, plenty of organizations offer […]Read More