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Anxiously Aging

Feeling vulnerable comes with getting older, but it doesn’t have to define this time of life Dwayne Dobschuetz calls it “the game-changer” — the broken hip, stroke, or loss of a driver’s license that suddenly damages a senior’s independence. The Northwestern Medicine geriatrics nurse, 75 years old himself, says catastrophic events are often behind dramatic […]Read More

Keep a Hospital Go-Bag at the Ready

No one wants to end up in the hospital. But each year in the United States, adults 65 and older have about 13.2 million hospitalizations, according to a 2021 report from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. A sudden hospital visit can be stressful. One of the easiest ways to prepare is to have […]Read More

Finding Funds

Look outside the box to pay for long-term care Ask someone about their ideal living situation in their golden years, and they’ll likely say they hope to live a healthy, independent life into their 90s.  In many cases, though, that’s not the reality. An estimated 17% of adults age 75 to 84 and 42% of adults […]Read More

Deciding Directives

Why end-of-life planning is essential for you and your loved ones Kim Placentino loved Luigi “Louie” Caringello like a father. Placentino’s father had died when she was 2 months old, so Caringello, a longtime family friend, took on that role in her life. When Caringello fell ill with congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary […]Read More