A Life with Meaning

Enhancing quality of life for people with dementia Chicagoan Kris McCabe’s Instagram and TikTok accounts are peppered with sweet moments with her grandmother, Mary Padovani. Videos show the two singing a Patsy Cline song and sharing a hug as they swap, “I love yous.” In others, Padovani brushes McCabe’s hair, as she’s done for years. […]Read More

Positive Purpose

Finding connections through the fog of dementia It’s hard to watch a loved one deteriorate with dementia. It’s hard to watch them lose memories, lose their ability to communicate, lose functioning. But deep in their soul, they are still the same person they always were. It’s important to recognize those glimmers and make the best […]Read More

What’s the Dill with Pickleball?

The social, low-impact sport appeals to active older adults If you find yourself or someone you love in an (ahem) pickle over lack of exercise, may we suggest a game of pickleball? The mood- boosting sport surged in popularity, growing almost 40% over two years, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s 2022 Topline […]Read More

Good Gadgets

Kitchen tools that make cooking easier and safer The right tools make cooking easier. This isn’t only a motto for professional chefs everywhere — it’s key for older adults, too.  As adults age, their strength and abilities change, says Donald Owsley, RN, a nurse with All Family Health Care, a home healthcare agency in Chicago. […]Read More

Too Many Drugs

Managing the risks of multiple medications More is not always better — especially when it comes to medications. Taking too many medications increases the risk for adverse drug reactions — a particularly acute problem for older adults. Adults age 65 and older visit the emergency department three times more often for medication-related adverse events than […]Read More

All Ears

Hearing aids and support groups help people counter hearing loss   Picture the scene: A person with hearing impairment claims they don’t have a problem. They say they can hear perfectly fine, if only others stopped mumbling all the time. Meanwhile family members — tired of endlessly shouting or repeating themselves — plead with their […]Read More

Horse Sense

Silver Spurs lets older adults take the reins Loraine Bremer has always loved animals. That’s why, a few years ago, when she first heard that her assisted living community, Covenant Living of Northbrook, would be arranging a trip to a horse farm, she quickly signed up.  Bremer, who recently turned 100, remembers her visits well. “It was […]Read More

Specialized Care

4 ways memory care communities offer an individualized approach With Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia on the rise, dedicated memory care communities and memory care units are stepping up to meet people’s unique needs. When an individual’s ability to communicate diminishes — a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia — specially trained staff prioritize […]Read More

Adult Day Programs

Services offer supervision and activities, keeping older adults engaged while aging in place Often, after packed days and nights caring for their aging loved ones, family caregivers need a break. And older adults, including people with dementia, need breaks, too. Adult day programs fill those needs, providing supervised activities and care designed specifically for older […]Read More

Smooth Moves

Transitioning to a memory care community may be challenging. Here’s how to make it easier Abigail Havens remembers the troubling updates from her mother’s friends. One afternoon, her mother had gotten lost driving to a restaurant where she’d eaten lunch regularly. On another day, her mother sounded confused when she called a local theater, where […]Read More