Planning To-Do List

Take these steps now to shore up your future as you age Chicagoan Joy Loverde was in her 20s when she began planning for retirement. That decision, says the eldercare expert, was key. “I was newly divorced and the solo parent of a 4-year-old daughter. My first course of action was to seek the advice of […]Read More

Cooking Connections

Printing family recipes can preserve memories, independence When I first met my husband, his mother was already having some health struggles. She had recovered, but not completely, from a stroke several years earlier. And she was stoically suffering from the double whammy of macular degeneration and the early stages of dementia. Despite her challenges, she […]Read More

When Stress Leads to Broken Heart Syndrome

A surge of emotional trauma can trigger a serious cardiac condition Roni Buckley was 9 years old in 1957 when her mother suddenly passed away from polio. Her mother, 35, was six months pregnant at the time. While the devastation of losing her mother hit her family hard, it took an unbearable toll on Buckley’s […]Read More

Tuskegee Airman Melvin Copeland Combats Discrimination

The Tuskegee Airmen were the first Black pilots in the United States military and flew about 1,500 missions during World War II. They were courageous, inspirational, and instrumental in the desegregation of the U.S. armed forces.  To Melvin Copeland, they were also family.  Copeland, now 96, arrived in Tuskegee, Alabama, for aviation training in late 1943. […]Read More

Power to the People

Senior activists make their voices heard Crystal McGee had already begun praying when she felt the spit hit her skin. It was 1966, and McGee knelt at a prayer vigil in Cicero. She remembers that Jesse Jackson, then an up-and-coming activist, was leading the vigil to advocate for a West Side family whose power had been shut […]Read More

Adjusting Spaces

Explore the ins and outs of aging in place Some changes are inevitable. We all outgrow things we used to enjoy: music, food, hairstyles, even relationships — but what about our homes? When is it time to switch up and adjust the way we live?  As we grow older, the homes we’ve lived in for […]Read More

Have a Seat

Chair yoga provides support and stability For decades, Chicagoan Patricia Mamantov worked out regularly, doing water aerobics and Pilates. But when arthritis caused the 75-year-old’s shoulders to constantly ache, she switched to chair yoga. “It’s an excellent way to move your body, not strain it, and not finish feeling like you’ve been through the wringer,” says […]Read More

Person-Centered Care

Innovative approaches aim to change the culture of aging in senior communities Whether your loved one is aging in place or in a community, some organizations are calling for change in the culture of aging. The shift focuses on person-centered care — an approach that treats older adults as decision-making partners in their care, making […]Read More