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Long-Term Care Insurance

A buyer’s guide to protecting yourself for future care costs No one wants to think about needing care as we get older, much less about the cost of that care. But, in reality, we may eventually need help managing our daily living — and we will need to pay for that assistance. Long-term care insurance […]Read More

Getting Started with Medicare

A primer to help you consider your needs and understand your options If you’ll be turning 65 soon, it’s time to start thinking about Medicare coverage. Before you enroll, though, take the time to learn about your choices. Your first step is to understand your options. At the simplest level, you have a choice of […]Read More

Guide to Medicare open enrollment for 2018

Ah, the rituals of fall: The leaves change color. The temperature drops. Sweaters and boots pop out of the closet. And Medicare opens the doors for beneficiaries to shop for Part D and Advantage plans. As you cozy up to the first fire of the season, now is the time to peruse your options to […]Read More

5 smart ways to cut health care costs in retirement

By Kimberly Lankford, Kiplinger Personal Finance Q: I’m about to sign up for Medicare, and I know there are gaps in the coverage. How much should I expect to spend for medical expenses after I retire? How can I reduce those costs? A: Even though Medicare will take care of a big portion of your […]Read More

What you should know about Medigap pricing

By Kimberly Lankford, Kiplinger Retirement Report Q: I turned 65 a few years ago while living in Florida. My wife and I are about to move to Delaware, and the insurer says I can keep my policy. (My wife turns 65 next year.) Do the pricing rules for Medigap policies vary by state? And will […]Read More