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Magic Mineral

Magnesium has many benefits for older adults — if they’re consuming the right amounts. Ubiquitous in the human body, magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral primarily located within the cells, as well as in bones and teeth. Yet, aging can complicate the body’s relationship with magnesium. Nearly every cell in the body uses magnesium […]Read More

Budget Bites

Older adults prioritize healthy eating on a budget, as they adjust to inflation reality Inflation has soared in recent months, hovering around 9.1%. And grocery prices specifically have gone even higher, especially for staples such as dairy, meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables. While the government reports that inflation for groceries is about 12% — […]Read More

Dementia and Nutrition

9 tips to keep your loved one eating well with dementia When you think about side effects of dementia, eating probably isn’t one of the first issues to come to mind. But for a disease that impacts every area of a person’s life, mealtime definitely takes a hit. Over time, dementia may cause changes in […]Read More

Easy Prep

For a simple, sensational soup, turn to chopped items from the grocery store One of the many things that can get complicated as we age is our relationship with food. As we get older, our bodies’ need for certain types of healthy foods increases, while our appetite naturally decreases along with our metabolism. Cooking gets […]Read More