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Dementia and Nutrition

9 tips to keep your loved one eating well with dementia When you think about side effects of dementia, eating probably isn’t one of the first issues to come to mind. But for a disease that impacts every area of a person’s life, mealtime definitely takes a hit. Over time, dementia may cause changes in […]Read More

Spark Joy and Memories with a Family Photo Memory Calendar

Stumped for a birthday gift for an aging loved one? If you’re looking for a gift that’s more personal than yet another gift card or pair of slippers, consider making them a family photo memory calendar. Create a personalized wall or desk calendar featuring family photos along with significant family dates. “Older people love receiving […]Read More

Spousal Strain

Seek support when caring for a partner with dementia In the basement of Frank Pagura’s Elk Grove Village home is a woodshop, a respite from his role as full-time caregiver to his wife Rosemary, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about five years ago. While Frank, 80, gets lost in the art of woodturning, Rosemary, 81, […]Read More

Gifts for People with Dementia

As the holiday season approaches, finding the right gifts for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease need not be difficult. Look for gifts that relate to the types of activities your loved one enjoyed in the past, while taking into consideration any dementia limitations, says Michelle Brody, executive director of Arden Courts of Northbrook, a […]Read More

In Older Adults, Urinary Tract Infections Can Cause Confusion

If an older adult you love or care for becomes easily agitated, disoriented, or confused, your first thought probably won’t be: urinary tract infection. But maybe it should. In younger people, urinary tract infections, or UTIs, are typically marked by a burning sensation when urinating. But in older people, the symptoms are often different. UTIs […]Read More

Conversation Starters

Try these communication pointers to connect to loved ones with dementia When Peter Zollo’s mother passed away in December, relatives spoke at the Zoom funeral about the happiest years of her life — before she suffered from memory loss due to dementia. Yet, Zollo chose to talk about her final years, which were also happy — […]Read More

Power of Touch: Massage Helps People with Dementia

When people think about dementia, they typically think of memory loss. Yet, people with dementia may also experience a decline in all senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. And despite a loss of touch, specific massage techniques can reach people with dementia in the most touching of ways. The decline in the sense of […]Read More