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Digging Deep

As gardens grow, so do older adults and their communities Every year, without fail, new growth emerges from the soil. When sprouts rise from gardens in spring and blossom into full-out glory in summer, it’s nothing short of magical. Even in the concrete confines of the city or in the midst of suburban sprawl, individual […]Read More

Healing Power of the Arts for Older Adults

Theater, music, sculpture — art is a means of expression. But whether you’re making art or experiencing it, art also serves as a means to improve your well-being, which can be especially helpful during these Covid-19 times. Art has a unique effect on older adults specifically — one that researchers are looking into. “There has […]Read More

Seniors Click ‘Like’ for Social Media

While on a cruise with her husband in 2011, Andy Weitzberg suddenly felt compelled to photobomb a young couple getting their picture taken during dinner. “As a kid, I was always the class clown. I enjoy making people laugh and smile, and I thought that was the perfect opportunity for some fun,” says the 72-year-old […]Read More