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Tool Makes Advance Care Planning Easier

End-of-life care isn’t easy to talk about — not for patients or the health professionals who provide patient care. “It’s a difficult conversation, but it’s incredibly important, especially with COVID-19,” says Ann Hollander, founder of Options for Aging, a geriatrics care management practice based in Wilmette. Social workers, case managers, elder law attorneys, financial advisers […]Read More

Create a Contract for Family Care

Kiplinger Retirement Report When the caregiver whom Amy Goyer, of Phoenix, hired for her 93-year-old father seemed particularly tired recently, Goyer realized she had been so busy she wasn’t aware her employee needed a vacation. As it happens, that caregiver is also her sister. “A loved one who provides care can get burned out, too, […]Read More

Knowing When to Decide

Aging in a New Home By Megy Karydes LaManda Joy comes across a tiny wooden box in the back of a drawer and realizes it contains flowers from her parents’ wedding in June 1945. Her mother’s home is like a time capsule, she says, and moving her from it to a long-term care situation has […]Read More