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Hitting the Brakes

When is it time to stop driving? During one of our family’s weekly visits with my mother-in-law, I was following her as she drove herself to the doctor in her purple Jeep. Suddenly, I watched her turn left on a one-way street into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, she quickly corrected course without an accident. On other […]Read More

Addressing Cracks in Long-Term Care

With staff shortages and residents’ social isolation, what needs to change in our nation’s nursing homes? Undeniably, the pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in our nation’s long-term care facilities, including skilled nursing facilities and other communal residential facilities for older adults.  Deaths in senior housing due to Covid-19, along with the impact of social isolation, dominated […]Read More

Care and Comfort

Making the most of hospice and palliative services Dealing with a loved one’s decline may be one of the hardest experiences a person can go through. There is so much uncertainty about making the right decisions, and, at times, no decisions seem right.  Certain organizations are dedicated to supporting people dealing with terminal illness. Palliative […]Read More

Empowering Seniors Through Film

A new initiative at the Rush Center for Excellence in Aging aims to aid older adults and healthcare students through short films. Through the Schaalman Senior Voices Program, which launched last year, older adults share their personal journeys, perspectives on aging, and what’s essential to their care.  The short films are showcased on Rush’s website […]Read More

Essential Services

These resources can help you find assistance When setting up aging services, you may have a cloud of questions and concerns. Fortunately, many Chicago-area organizations provide helpful resources for a range of situations. Start your search for assistance by reviewing these service categories to see what type of resources you might need to consider. Review […]Read More

Videos can help you make end-of-life care choices

By Christopher J. Gearon, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report Physicians are often uncomfortable discussing end-of-life care options with terminally ill patients. Even when doctors raise the issue, they may gloss over the details. With little knowledge of their choices, patients often agree to aggressive treatment even when there’s no hope of survival. A series of new videos […]Read More