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Mind Games: Brain Boosters for Older Adults

Bill Darling has always been up for a challenge. A former public relations executive with ComEd, the 78-year-old from the Northwest Side of Chicago has a higher-than-average IQ and an even higher hope that he will be able to continue working for years to come in his current real estate career. But to do that, […]Read More

Tips to Combat Age-Related Forgetfulness

The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts Q: Why do people become more forgetful as they age? A: It’s common to have moments of forgetfulness about where we put the keys, why we walked into a room, or what an object is called. This reflects age-related changes in thinking skills. Over time we can expect […]Read More

Exercise helps aging brain stay young

The Medicine Cabinet: Ask the Harvard Experts Q: Over the last year, I sometimes forget things. I am 66 but I always have had a great memory. What can I do to avoid becoming more forgetful? A: Most of us have had firsthand experience with memory lapses. We find ourselves flustered trying to recall a […]Read More