Emergency Documents

Collect and store this emergency information before you need it. As we age, it becomes increasingly important to have medical, financial, and end-of-life information immediately available in case of an emergency. Be prepared for an emergency by compiling these key documents in a safe, easily accessible location. This will ensure the person you choose has […]Read More

Walking for Fitness and Friendship

8 great Chicago area walking paths for older adults Exercise contributes to healthy aging — that much everyone can agree on. But you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment to boost your physical activity. All you need is a path and a good pair of sneakers, because walking is one of the best […]Read More

Healthcare Apps and the Power of Coordinated Care

Communication-based healthcare apps stand to improve complex care coordination, which is especially important for older adults Consider all of the care providers involved in the typical person’s medical care: primary care physician, therapist, gynecologist or urologist, dentist, dermatologist….the list tends to increase with age. And the more people involved, the more easily things — appointments, […]Read More

Living Room Workouts

In a pandemic plus, older adults pivoted to virtual fitness classes to stay in shape The pandemic hit older Americans hard, but it also prodded many to jump on the technology bandwagon — including virtual fitness classes. Tech use among older adults has soared over the past two years, across a wide variety of devices […]Read More

Am I Shrinking?

Why we shrink as we age, and how to preserve height In our youth, our height gradually increases, reaching our maximum peak around age 20. Afterward, our body’s bone density reduces over time, and we may begin to shrink. Men’s height shrinks by about an inch between the ages of 30 to 70, while women’s […]Read More

Dementia and Nutrition

9 tips to keep your loved one eating well with dementia When you think about side effects of dementia, eating probably isn’t one of the first issues to come to mind. But for a disease that impacts every area of a person’s life, mealtime definitely takes a hit. Over time, dementia may cause changes in […]Read More