Changing Mask Mandates

Older adults navigate pandemic restrictions, balancing safety with socialization When Illinois officials lifted pandemic mask mandates in February, Linda Balla, who is fully vaccinated, gave considerable thought as to whether to wear a mask. At 72, she is in a high-risk age group for complications from Covid-19. Ever since Covid-19 restrictions loosened — and now […]Read More

It’s Your Choice: You Can Change Your Views of Aging and Improve Your Life

People’s beliefs about aging have a profound impact on their health, influencing everything from their memory and sensory perceptions to how well they walk, how fully they recover from disabling illness, and how long they live. When aging is seen as a negative experience (characterized by terms such as decrepit, incompetent, dependent, and senile), individuals […]Read More

Getting Ahead of Head Injuries

In January, actor and comedian Bob Saget, 65, died from accidental blunt head trauma, according to the final report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He likely hit his head on a surface in his hotel room and passed away in his sleep, according to a statement from his family. Saget’s tragic death grabbed headlines. […]Read More

Spark Joy and Memories with a Family Photo Memory Calendar

Stumped for a birthday gift for an aging loved one? If you’re looking for a gift that’s more personal than yet another gift card or pair of slippers, consider making them a family photo memory calendar. Create a personalized wall or desk calendar featuring family photos along with significant family dates. “Older people love receiving […]Read More

TV Volume Wars

Tech tools can help with hearing loss, without pumping up the volume Louder is not always better. Certainly, that’s the case with TV volume. Many older adults with hearing loss turn up the TV volume to high levels, much to the chagrin of anyone else in the home. TV volume wars can be daunting, but […]Read More