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Eating for Your Age: A healthy aging diet

Let’s face it: Nutrition needs evolve as we age. And healthy eating is important for healthy aging. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent inflammation, obesity, and chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. These conditions can lead to imbalances in the gut microbiome, which can create a domino effect that leads to a […]Read More

5 Steps to Cut Back on Added Sugar

Let’s face it, sugar is a hot health topic these days. The average American eats almost 270 calories in added sugar every day — about 13% of total daily calories, according to data from the recent “What We Eat in America” National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The majority of that sugar comes from sugar-sweetened […]Read More

Easy Prep

For a simple, sensational soup, turn to chopped items from the grocery store One of the many things that can get complicated as we age is our relationship with food. As we get older, our bodies’ need for certain types of healthy foods increases, while our appetite naturally decreases along with our metabolism. Cooking gets […]Read More

Healthy Habits

5 self-care tips to help you thrive When it comes to healthy aging, some simple daily habits can help us stay in good shape. No matter our age, eating a nutritious diet, staying physically active and getting enough sleep play an essential role in our health. And as we get older, these practices become increasingly […]Read More

Silver Palate

Retirement communities dishing up creative meals for senior ‘foodies’ By Nancy Maes  Pictured above: Octopus at The Clare. Photo by Chef Hagop Hagopian Not too long ago, the stereotypical meal in a retirement home might have included nondescript meat, vegetables from a can and bright-colored Jell-O offered in a dreary setting. But as the culinary […]Read More