Our Top 10 Stories of 2022

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What did our readers want to read about in 2022? It was a mixed bag! Our top 10 stories range from powerful supplements to cultural care, aging’s anxieties to head injuries. People had a lot of questions about aging and caregiving — and we were here for them.

Thank you to all of the caregivers, aging experts, and more who shared their stories with us this year, offering connection and insight during a time of life that can feel especially overwhelming and disconnected.

And now…our top 10 of 2022. We hope you learn as much reading them as we did reporting them.

1. Spice of Life

December 2021 – This story, though technically published at the very end of 2021, explores the powerful role of cultural traditions in engaging seniors. From offering familiar foods to honoring cherished customs, senior organizations throughout Chicago reflect the area’s unique stew of cultures. This culturally integrated care has helped older adults stay active and connected.

2. Magic Mineral

November 2022 – Take a look at magnesium’s many benefits for older adults, but make sure they’re getting the right amounts. Nearly every cell in the body uses magnesium. It helps maintain muscle contractions, heart rhythm, energy production, bone growth, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Yet, aging can complicate the body’s relationship with magnesium.

3. Am I Shrinking?

May 2022 – We all tend to shrink with age, but do you know why? To preserve height for later years, physicians encourage people to start as early as their 30s. Here are five ways to keep your body (and your height) in top shape, no matter your age.

4. Getting Ahead of Head Injuries

April 2022 – Compared to other age groups, people age 75 and older experience more hospitalizations and death due to traumatic brain injury. Older adults may develop an unsteady walk, experience dizziness, or take medications that cause low blood pressure — all of which can lead to falls and potential head injuries. This story offers tips for preventing head injuries and what to do if they happen.

5. Decluttering the Decades

September 2022 – Grief has no timeline. Yet, shortly after a parent dies, adult children often face a daunting task: preparing the house for sale while the surviving parent still lives there. Make a plan to ease the organization process when a parent passes away.

6. Anxiously Aging

December 2022 – Feeling vulnerable comes with getting older, but it doesn’t have to define older adulthood. If a senior’s overall quality of life suffers due to anxiety, it may be time to call in reinforcements. Learn how to recognize what’s normal and when to seek support.


7. 4 Ways to Build Meaning for People with Dementia

June 2022 – People with dementia may not have the same abilities they once did, but it’s possible — and important for the individual and their caregivers — to make their remaining life the best it can be, experts say. From remembering who they are to keeping their routines in mind, here are four ways to bring out the best in people with dementia.


8. TV Volume Wars

March 2022 – Many older adults with hearing loss turn up the TV volume to high levels, much to the chagrin of others in the home. Here, local experts share tools that can help people hear the television better — without cranking up the volume.


9. Sex with Physical Restrictions

February 2022 – Don’t worry — physical restrictions like a hip replacement, colostomy bag, or arthritis don’t need to spell the end of your sex life. In fact, sexual health experts say, these restrictions, whether temporary or permanent, are an invitation to bring play into your life.


10. What Retirement?

December 2022 – Some older adults — 10.6 million people, in fact — work well past retirement age. Some work because they want to, and others because they need to. Either way, the U.S. Bureau of Labor projects that the labor force will grow by 96.5% over the next decade for people age 75 and older.