Finding the Right Incontinence Supplies

Urinary incontinence grows more common as we age, but finding the right incontinence supplies to keep older adults comfortable can involve plenty of trial and error. Northbrook resident Adam Greenberg watched his family members struggle to get the correct products, which inspired him to start his own incontinence supply company, NorthShore Care Supply. 

Greenberg recommends considering these three factors when looking for incontinence products: 

Fit. To prevent leaks, a brief should fit securely around the legs. Adult diapers with tape tabs provide the tightest fit because they can be adjusted. 

Absorbency. Most store products can absorb 

light to moderate leaking. If your loved one is experiencing multiple daily wettings, however, look to medical supply stores or online sources for more absorbent products.

Dexterity. Pull-up products are often easiest for people to use. But if your loved one has trouble getting their feet through the holes or pulling up a brief, a pad or tape-on diaper might be the better option.