Laugh it Off

Finding humor in tough times eases the pain The old maxim “laughter is the best medicine” may not be far off track. Research shows that giggles and guffaws come with physical benefits. In fact, specialized therapies designed to induce laughter can reduce stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, according to one large-scale review of […]Read More

Travel Bug

Older adults navigate travel with mobility issues  Call her a globetrotter extraordinaire. Sarah Campbell, an 84-year-old Chicago resident, has been on 100 international trips and counting. And despite her newest travel companion — a cane, which she started using last year due to back problems — Campbell isn’t slowing down. “I’m having to pick and […]Read More

The Right Bite

Oral health may decline with age, but nutritional needs do not Christine Wehrli, of Naperville, says that her mom has never been the best teeth brusher. Now age 93, her mom can no longer eat some of her favorite dishes. “She loves lamb chops but can’t chew meat very well anymore,” Wehrli says. Her chewing challenges […]Read More

Writing to Remember

Gunter Nitsch documents his life as a refugee in post-war Europe Growing up in East Prussia during World War II and then in a West Germany refugee camp after the war, Gunter Nitsch didn’t envision the books he’d someday write. He was simply trying to get by.  “The teachers I had in West Germany, they were […]Read More

Great Expectations

If your senior years aren’t quite what you expected, focus on finding your own path   Based on television advertisements targeted at older adults, everyone over 60 is leading a charmed life: feeling healthy, traveling, and spending quality time with grandchildren.  “Retirement is portrayed as a dream and fantasy, where you are 80 and able-bodied. You […]Read More

Too Old for Tech? Never.

Virtual voice assistants provide crucial services for older adults For younger generations, technology is as normal as air.  With smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes, it’s hard for anyone born after the 1990s to imagine what life was like before the internet. While many older adults don’t have the same relationship with technology, tech can […]Read More

A Maverick Pharmacy

Excessive drug costs frustrate even billionaire Mark Cuban. To cope, in 2022 he started Cost Plus Drugs, an online supplier of generic medications at competitive prices. Cost Plus Drugs currently sells about 800 generic medications. To access them, simply create an account at Ask your doctor to call in the prescription; then, place your […]Read More

Think Outside the Box

Alternative housing ideas can save money and stave off loneliness The U.S. is facing a housing crisis. For older adults specifically, the crisis includes factors beyond their control — lack of affordable housing and increased cost of living — as well as personal concerns — having little or no retirement savings, experiencing loneliness and isolation, and […]Read More

Broken Record Syndrome

How to gently redirect the conversation when someone has dementia “Where do you live?”  “Did you eat lunch?”  “How are the kids?” If your loved one has dementia, you likely hear these sorts of questions, repeated over and over in an endless loop. People with dementia commonly repeat behaviors, known as perseveration — the medical […]Read More

Explaining Dementia to Kids

Telling children their grandmother is suffering from dementia is not only scary for the children, but also difficult for the adult delivering the message. That message must be sensitive and age appropriate, experts say, with details on what children can expect to witness and how they should respond to it. “It’s good to be honest […]Read More