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All Ears

Hearing aids and support groups help people counter hearing loss   Picture the scene: A person with hearing impairment claims they don’t have a problem. They say they can hear perfectly fine, if only others stopped mumbling all the time. Meanwhile family members — tired of endlessly shouting or repeating themselves — plead with their […]Read More

TV Volume Wars

Tech tools can help with hearing loss, without pumping up the volume Louder is not always better. Certainly, that’s the case with TV volume. Many older adults with hearing loss turn up the TV volume to high levels, much to the chagrin of anyone else in the home. TV volume wars can be daunting, but […]Read More

Hearing Aids Turn High-Tech

When Dennis Risen, 71, was in his early 30s, he noticed he was having difficulty following conversations with friends in group settings. “If the speaker changed from one (person) to the next, I was always behind because I was using a little lip reading to listen to them. It was affecting me socially, and I […]Read More